O Beloved,
Be Like That to Me
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The flames that dance with love—
O Beloved, be like that to me.
The burning heat within the fire—
O Beloved, be like that to me.

My candle burns with longing.
It cries with tears of wax.
Like the wick of a melting candle—
O Beloved, be like that to me.

Now that we’ve joined the path of love
we cannot sleep at night.
At the drunken tavern, the drummer beats the drum—
O Beloved, be like that to me.

The night is dark, the lovers are awake.
Don’t bother them with thoughts of sleep.
They want only to be here with us—
O Beloved, be like that to me.

Union is a raging river running toward the sea.
Tonight the moon kisses the stars,
Majnun becomes Layla—
O Beloved, be like that to me.

God has become everything.
He has graced this poet with kindness.
Everything I touch and see becomes the fire of love—
O Beloved, be like that to me

The day your love touches me
I’ll become so mad that lunatics will run away.

The words of a master-poet could never capture
the spell that your eyelashes cast upon my heart.

Please note:
These lines are copied from:
Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved
Translations by Jonathan Star
Page: 26-27

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