The seeker
69207ad: Saturday, June 17, 2017, 01:22:53 PM in From books

When one sees the problem lies within
And tries to go beyond habit's grip
Wishing to be free but not seeing the way
One becomes a seeker—worthy of wisdom

There must be this inner change of heart
Outer change is struggle—cosmetic at best
Inner change reorganizes the outer naturally
It's not even change, just what's natural to it

The outer is the visible face of the inner
Just like water beginning to boil
Heat meeting water is not seen
What is seen is water bubbling away

All beings have different natures
Assigning good and bad doesn't matter
Linking present with past doesn't matter
Why not deal with each in the moment?

Please note:
These lines are copied from:
Essential Yoga Vasistha
Page: 10-11

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