who, this I is am
0227e7: Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 10:00:40 PM in मेरो स्तम्व

Today out of door, went somewhere,
trying to figure out, what’s going on,
tried to fight with thought,
by asking: "tell me what's going on?",

He remain silent,
so silent that I could not understand,

I did not understand, so strange,
I did not understand my thought,
thought flowing in this head,
and I did not understand,

I did not understand these thought,
powered in my vein by my blood,
in my head by the breath I take in,
but, I did not understand these thought,

Electrifying inside this empty skull,
filled by blood, flesh, nerves, veins,
Seems for some purpose,
travelling, wandering, flashing,
changing in no-time,

and, it is so strange,
I don’t even have control over it,
It just flowing and flowing over me,
and, I just can’t stop it, so strange,
these thought flowing over me,
and I can't control it, strange

but I did understand one thing,
there is nothing is mine,
not even the mind, who think,
not this body which makes this mind, to think,
the blood moves in the veins,
the breath, flows in the nerves,
the bones, flesh, senses, veins
Nothing is mines,

O lord, tell me what’s going on,
if everything is I in I-self,
help to find out who, this I is am.

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